Integrity is one of the values of Birla Carbon and this is also an important value for me. It’s a perfect fit.

Fabrizio Rossin (Birla Carbon EMEA)

Regional Sales Manager Specialty Products

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Fabrizio Rossin

I joined Birla Carbon in October 2017 as Regional Sales Manager SBB. I decided to accept the offer that Birla Carbon made me as it fit my wish of working for a dynamic company where I could play a pro-active role.

Since joining Birla Carbon I was exposed to many people and teams across different functions, cultures and countries. This has definitely helped me to gain more experience and further improve my professionality.

Probably what I look for in private and at job is the same – be and feel part of a fit team. Birla Carbon has welcomed me as a team mate as of day one. I can clearly remember when my family and I attended to Birla Carbon Italy 2017 Open Day (just one week after I had joined Birla Carbon) – we were warmly embraced.

I do believe, we can’t behave differently in private and at job. Values of Birla Carbon are a good fit and accompany me at any time. Being passionate and live each moment enrich me as a person.

Birla Carbon has been offering me many opportunities but also many challenges (personal and business wise). Being fully accountable of my tasks is exactly what I was looking for.

I love diversity a lot. Dealing with people from different countries, cultures and nationalities it’s a way for me to learn.
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