I’m not alone, never, I have a Wonderful team. When I say something, it matters.

Francesca Toldo (Birla Carbon Italy)

2017- Customer Service
2019- Warehouse Manager Trecate Plant

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Francesca Toldo

I started working in Birla Carbon in April 2017 as Customer Service for a maternity leave substitution. During this period, I followed also logistics tasks and the first steps of the regional warehouse, until the roles were revised last year. Starting from February 2019, I am warehouse manager in Trecate Plant.

I am feeling very appreciated and spurred to improve myself every day. Birla Carbon offered me (and continue to do so) great opportunities for professional growth, not only through trainings and mentoring, but also giving me the chance of challenging my limits in new areas.

I think that when you feel appreciated in your workplace it has an impact also in your personal life because it is a recognition not only from your inner circle (family and friends) but also from the “outside world”.

I understand the importance of the Values for the Company and I feel them also part of my life. The Purpose of sharing our strength is a wonderful image and a challenge for the future to improve ourselves in sharing our knowledge and experience with the others as the natural way of doing things.

I understand that the Company is investing in my future and it is putting its trust in me. From my side I am working hard to seize this opportunity and show my appreciation.

It is a good workplace, where I feel respected and my ideas are listened. Looking around and seeing the difficult work situation for the young make me feel even luckier for the chance I’ve been given.

I started from basics and then the Company believed in me.
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